"Web 2.0-centric" librarians

The meeting last Saturday with like-minded "web 2.0-centric" librarians was awesome. See Kathryn's post in her blog, Librarians Matter. I was particularly enamoured with being introduced to lolcats and lolbrarians. Why have I not heard about them before? Does no-one in my milieu have a sense of humour about our jobs?
It was great to meet
face to face with real people in real time. Great too to hear about the variety of responses that various IT departments give to our access requests. Perhaps I should move to another library, though on a recent Second Life chat room one of the participants asked if we all (from diverse corners of the globe) had the same IT department intent on blocking access to any possibly controversial site without investigating our needs.
The meeting renewed my interest in running a course on
Learning about social computing the “23 Things” way. I've been given the go-ahead and will now try to drum up some enthusiasm among my colleagues.


Kathryn Greenhill said...

I enjoyed meeting you on Saturday. More and more of us are "getting it". Particularly if we run classes like the "23 Things". I focus on the people who are a little bit interested, and then let their spark ingite the others.

Are you interested in discussing "Everything is Miscellanesous" f2f with the same bunch some time?

Maeve Everest said...

Miscellaneous? Sounds fascinating. I can certainly learn a lot from you guys.