Best SL session so far

Classroom in the sky

Last Friday's session on Second Life was the most well-planned of all in the course so far. The class met at the usual meeting place on Info Island and students were directed to a teleporter which took us to a classroom in the sky. A copy of the Reference Desk was adjacent to the classroom so when we visited that we didn't cause any disturbance to the SL librarians who were rostered on duty at the "real" desk on the ground.

Reference Desk

The discussions revolved around Reference Desk experiences, griefing and how to resolve problems with difficult clients (yes, those are not limited to real life situations). We were also informed about an application called Babbler that ref desk librarians can use to translate their messages into any one of 10 different
languages (including Pirate).

Griefing example

We started at "sunset" then watched clouds drifting across a starry sky and finally the sun rose slowly as a beautiful orange fireball.

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Ivan Chew said...

Hello Maeve! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. Just wanted to respond to your comment re: SL Singapore. There's already one setup. Here's their blog: slsingapore.com. Maybe I'll see you in SL sometime, since you said we're in the same time zone. An Australia-Singapore Librarian Meetup in SL? Maybe should start with just two of us first, LOL. We'd have to make an appointment though, 'cos I don't usually drop in there. I can be reached at ramblinglibrarian@gmail.com, Cheers!