Educational Projects in Second Life

Many of Central TAFE's staff last week attended AFLF's E-learning Networks June 19-20 Online Conference. Much of it was conducted via Eluminate but there was also a session online in Second Life, In-World Presentation: Showcasing Australasian Educational Projects in Second Life something that made people start to question why no-one in our college has access to this phenomenal new teaching and learning tool.
With educational sites popping up everywhere in SL it is a shame that our Department of Education has seen fit to block it with a dirty great firewall. Too many people see it as just a game and a place to waste time. Certainly you can have fun in SL (I attended a very lively party there on Info Island on Friday night, Saturday morning our time), but you can have fun in a classroom situation too.
Our IT Department has been working with the Dept. of Ed to try and overcome the resistance and, fingers crossed, they may actually be getting somewhere. I look forward to the time when, in the Library at Central, we'll be able to offer courses to our students and lecturers advising them how to make the most of their Second Lives, as well as offering virtual library services in addition to the real life ones.


Kathryn Greenhill said...

Sorry I missed this one. You may be interested in the Faculty of Education Symposium coming up at the Uni of Southern Queensland on August 16th Online Learning Using Virtual Worlds

I guess the Great Firewall means I won't be able to do a live demo of SL during BarCamp at Central Tafe on Saturday.

I have a "What's the use of Second Life in Education" presentation prepared - with YouTube videos as a poor substitute.

Maeve Everest said...

Thanks Kathryn. I have registered for the Symposium (the SL part anyway) and Galia looks forward to seeing Emerald there.