Library TV

Library TV is a blog for exploring video as a training and promotional tool for libraries, on the web and in television. It is much more specific than this blog in which I sometimes ramble on about unrelated subjects with the excuse that this is really a place for me to communicate stuff that I think might interest friends and colleagues, though it did start with a specific purpose.

Internet Resources Newsletter

I love Roddy McLeod's Internet Resources Newsletter. It comes out regularly once a month and contains a good variety of interesting items; so much that I'm not going to pick any in particular but urge you to read it for yourself.

Articles from Research Buzz

Research Buzz points the reader to articles about a metasearch engine Zuula (Metasearch Engine Zuula Searches Useful Sites) and some new blog search engines (The State of Blog Search Engines: Depressing)

Feeling Cranky

I can't really say what my feelings were when I came across this search engine specially for folks over 50, http://www.cranky.com. Are we all cranky? Are we so illiterate computer-wise that we need to have things made easier? Are references to things that interest us not available on the major search engines? The top items of interest listed were

  1. sex
  2. jobs after retirement
  3. travel
  4. brain builders
  5. arthritis
If I wanted to find out about any of those I'm sure there are other sites I would turn to first.

I'm back

After 5 weeks summer holiday I am back at work. I didn't go away but made the most of Perth's gorgeous beaches only a few minutes drive from my home. The only time I touched a computer was to play Morrowind which I am finding quite addictive.

My Bloglines feed box was full and I am slowly sifting through it to add useful things to this blog. Firefox makes it so easy to open several tabs at once that it's only when my screen becomes too full or I have to leave the PC to do something else that I have been saving to Deli.cio.us.