New 2.0 Tools via ResourceShelf

ResourceShelf is a never-ending source of ideas and information. These new tools look particularly interesting:

New 2.0 Tools: From Twitter Traffic to Image Resizing to Visualizing del.icio.us Tags

Here’s a selection of a few new “2.0 tools and services” via the KillerStartUps weblog.

+ Traffic Alerts via Twitter–CommuterFeed.com

+ Momondo–New MetaSearch Flight Info and Pricing
From Denmark, over 800 sites searched.

+ Visalize del.icio.us info with TastyTag
Tasty spits out bar graphs indicating the top ten tags del.icio.us users use to categorize any one URL. Using its API, Tasty effectively canvasses the del.icio.us mindset and gives site owners a glimpse into how their site is perceived.

+ PicResize.com - Easy Image Resizer

+ JukeFly
Stream your music library to various computers.


Reference said...

Your blog is great!

Here is the url of the blog from the Archives of the Sandusky Library if you would like to take a look:


Maeve said...

Thanks for your comment reference. Your blog is a fascinating record of the history of your library - and a wonderful way to showcase some of your old photos.

Do I know you from elsewhere, Second Life perhaps?