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Three people have commented on my decision to stop blogging, one a complete stranger (I think) so I'll keep it up for a little while longer. I wonder why previously posted comments have disappeared into the wild blue yonder?
I've also been asked to do a workshop on blogging for our Library Studies students next week and it would be setting a bad example if I were to give up - wouldn't it?
What's the good of having a mind if you can't change it - so here I go again.

Before reading the comments I had been giving my blog some thought (what else does one think about when lying in bed at night?) and decided that, if I were to start again, I would possibly talk more about some of the things I've been doing recently. I've bypassed the chance to say anything new about Podcamp Perth that I attended last weekend (why was I the only representative from Central TAFE when it was held on one of our campuses?) but can now add my bit about the
discussion held in Second Life last night about the new TV series "The Librarians"
This is a picture of the discussion held at Laneways Library on ABC Island. Emerald Dumont was the moderator and I (Galia Beck) her faithful assistant am sitting on her right. Discussion was fast and furious. I was kept busy handing out notecards and IM-ing people who needed help of any kind.A link to the transcript and another snapshot can be found on Virtual librariesinteract.info. During the discussion we were asked to comment on weird things that had happened in our libraries and my report on the shoe fetishist found under a table sucking on some-one's shoe was voted the most gross. For that I won a prize of $30 to be spent at the ABC shop in RL. Thanks everyone.


zomba said...

Hi Maeve.

Nice to see you are continuing. I included Maeve's Blog in my IWR article, which I presume will be published in the Jan issue.

Roddy MacLeod

L. Marvin said...

Hi Maeve,

I found your blog, because you commented on my blog. I very much appreciated your comments. Some of my favorite blogs and websites are created by librarians. Yours is no exception. I'll look forward to reading more of your posts.

As a side note, my brother was stationed in Perth, Australia, when he was in the U.S. Marines. It was one of his favorite assignments.

Laura Marvin