It is months since anyone commented on a post in this blog. This is most disheartening and I have decided to stop spending any time on it. My colleagues will just have to put up with emails of interesting items that I find from time to time.

I have been blogging for over a year and at first it was stimulating and rewarding. Now I wonder why I bother - hence the decision to say Goodbye to any regular readers who may be out there. Please email me if you think there is any point in continuing.


Kathryn Greenhill said...

If it's any consolation - I'm reading and I'd still be interested if you kept blogging.

I've tried posting comments a couple of times and they have disappeared into the ether. Wonder if they are going into your spam filter? Will try this one.

Maeve said...

Thanks Kathryn for your support. I may try some of the statistics software that you recommended at Podcamp to determine whether or not is worthwhile to continue blogging.

Clog Wog said...

Hi Maeve,

I read your blog! And like Kathryn I have tried to post comments, but they weren't published either...
There are probably more people reading it than you think!

zomba said...

Hi Maeve,

You have a number of people (11) subscribing to your blog via Bloglines alone, and I was just about to write in an article for IWR that I regularly check your blog, which I find interesting.