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Average Library Use Calculator

"Have you ever thought about the monetary value of your own library use? The Maine State Library offers an interesting take on this. Go to www.maine.gov/msl/services/calculator.htm and take a look at how your average library use is valued." (Holmen Courier - 10/12/06)

More about Web 2.0 (and of course Library 2.0) is discussed in this paper. An alternative term is Participatory Network - less confusing than Library 2.0

Participatory Networks: The Library as Conversation

"This document describes the conversational model of libraries, provides an overview of current Web 2.0 technologies, and a brief discussion of Library 2.0. Specific challenges and opportunities of participatory networking are reviewed. Finally, the authors recommend the creation of a shared participatory network of libraries. This network would not only experiment with new collaborative web technologies, but work with library organizations and vendors to speed innovation in traditional library systems. Finally the network test bed would provide shared infrastructure to provide participatory technologies, such as Wikis, blogs and RSS feeds to libraries for inclusions in their day to day services." - "American Library Association’s Office for Information Technology Policy Information Institute of Syracuse - Syracuse University’s school of Information Studies - Sept 2006) - via It's All Good

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