Honey, honey

Our dear friend, David, visited us at home last Sunday bearing gifts of pure Jarrah honey and honey and sandalwood. He's a firm believer in alternative medicines and had read a newspaper article proclaiming the benefits of honey as an antibiotic - particularly against Staphylococcus aureus. It sounded ludicrous but he advised Tim to rub it on his feet and let it soak in to let the benefits permeate his whote system. Feeling a bit of a nana Tim followed his instructions that evening and covered his feet with plastic supermarket bags to keep the stickiness off the furniture while he watched TV.

Next day he was on his feet all day presenting an OH&S training course. This usually leaves him with very sore ankles (arthritis has affected them, he has collapsed arches and doctors have recommended surgery to correct the problem) and he is almost unable to walk. He walked in the door that night without a stick and proclaimed that he was pain-free! His knee wound was also less angry-looking and puffy. Each evening this week he's followed the same procedure, except for last night. Today he is using his stick again so plans to use the honey treatment every night and see whether he can maintain the improvement to his mobility. He will be in Melbourne training all next week and the following week will be on an oil rig in the Timor Sea.


^~JustL said...

Hello Maeve:

I found your blog while I was doing some research on where to aquire Jarrah Honey. A homeopath recommended it, especially for absesses(sic). I'm not certain tho in my findings how easy it is to find in the States so far. I was impressed by the other knowledge in your blog as well and wanted to say Hello and Thank you.

Maeve Everest said...

Thanks for your comments. I'm pleased to know that someone outside my local area is reading my blog. Hope you find a local source of Jarrah honey. I wonder if any pure unpasteurised honey would do as well?
Cheers, Maeve

^~JustL said...

Hello again Maeve: Your point about unpasteurised honey is a good one as well. I was reading somewhere that all naturally produced honey is highly antibacterial and had been used in wound care for ages.

To quote from another reading - "During the rule of Amenhotep Ancient Egypt - physicians were packing wounds with dressings saturated with natural honey, to eliminate infection. They were also doing craniotomies for brain tumors and repairing fractures with some success."

To make a long story short :) I guess my search won't have to be too far. Thank you again. Hope all is well with you and yours.