After another week off I'm back at work again. This time it was all pleasure. Tom (my son) and his wife, Nessie were on a visit to Perth from Melbourne. This is the first time I've seen them since his accident last year. He has made an amazing recovery through sheer guts and determination but still needs to have half his pelvis replaced. I hate seeing him limping and in obvious pain but it doesn't seem to get him down and his presence in our house was like a breath of fresh air.

My iP0d continues to give me pleasure and I read all I can find about its uses. I can't imagine wanting to watch videos on the tiny screen so I'll probably stick with my 2G Nano - until eye attachments are available enabling large screen viewing. I've come across several mentions of the use of iPods as educational tools but can't imagine that they'd be of much value in a library. See iPod has new role as educational tool from Engadget.

A Wiki symposium - what next? I know that wikis are hot news and I look forward to reading the papers available from WikiSym 2006: Papers and Presentations. Some are already online and others, I hope, will be available after the end of August. I'd love to attend but Denmark (in Europe, not Australia) is rather far away.

Free web-based tools can be very useful - particularly if you don't want to be tied to Microsoft products. ResourceShelf has posted a link to a growing list of Zoho tools including word processing, spreadsheet and presentation tools. The full list is awesome.

A report in one of my favourite RSS fees,
BBC News, relates that Time magazine list the 50 coolest websites. "Many of the websites chosen for 2006 are examples of so-called web 2.0 sites, which give users tools to create and share content online." I've never heard of most and will enjoy investigating them.

My husband Tim now takes his antibiotics orally and his infection site shows marked improvement. Sue Benson, his microbiologist, must be a miracle worker. Not many years ago he wouldn't have survived golden staph. Thank goodness all that is behind us and we can get back to a normal life again.

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