Things to do with your iPod

I was thrilled to receive an iPod Nano as a Christmas gift last year. I may be a grandmother but I still like to keep up with technology trends and feel very much in vogue as I travel to work on the train accompanied by other people with plugs in their ears, oblivious to their surroundings.

I've loaded all my favourite CDs and would like to add more Beatles' music but can't obtain it from iTunes. I do, however have a DVD with Beatles' music in .WAV format that is not compatible with the iPod. Audacity http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ is the answer. Not only can I convert .WAV files to .MP3 but can also cut segments from a track and save them separately.

The past week or so I've spent little time at home as my husband and my mother are both in hospital (fortunately the same one). When I do get home late in the evenings I find it therapeutic to play with these files and work out how to do new things with them. Playing the iPod through my car radio (another trendy attachment that I was given for my birthday) also helps to keep me sane in rush-hour traffic.

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CW said...

Hope your husband and mother are okay!