Will it make me famous?

In Roddy McLeod's latest Internet Resources Newsletter (one of my regular feeds) he kindly mentions this blog. Thanks Roddy. Now I hope for more feedback from all the readers that this will hopefully drive to my site. In the months that I have been intermittently blogging only two people have written anything in the comments boxes - except for one comment that was obviously spam.

Talking of spam, I had difficulty publishing the previous post while using Firefox earlier this morning (I'm now on IE) as the word verification characters didn't appear and when I tried to investigate the cause of this was told that Blogger though it might be a spam blog. Heaven forbid!


Sylvie said...

That's great Maeve!
You already are famous ... at least here at Central TAFE you are :-)

kalimbuka said...

Hi Maeve.

Well, how can I resist commenting on that one?

Hopefully, being mentioned in the IRN will send some traffic to your nice blog. It would be interesting to know how many.

I also mentioned our own new blog Spineless? http://hwlibrary.wordpress.com/ in the same issue, and the Wordpress stats show over 150 hits from IRN #148 (but I did mention Spineless? twice, and near the top of the issue as well as in the Blogorama section).

Who will you be supporting in the World Cup? Smith's team or Ponting's?


Kathryn Greenhill said...

Make that 4 comments now. You're in my feed reader and I'm going to pass your address onto someone else who was looking for Western Australian library bloggers.

Maeve Everest said...

Thanks Kathryn. I love your blog and your philosophy on Life and Librarianship.