New Tags

Over the past few weeks I've tagged several interesting sites on Deli.cio.us but have been very remiss in not blogging about them.

I have StumbleUpon installed on my PC at home (it is too time-wasting to play with it at work) and one of the preferences I've ticked is iPod.

The Seven Phases of Owning an iPod - An Illustrated Journey is amusing and oh so true.
Are you frustrated with having a lot of tunes on your iPod but not being able to transfer them to your computer or share them with others? Try How to get songs off your iPod w/ iTunes or SharePod

More on music; if you use Pandora but sometimes find that you inadvertently close your browser and lost your current selections then you may want to try CFDan.com - Wrapper Application For Pandora Running In Task Tray.

A new search engine TWERQ featuring
tabbed based results directly within the website and ton of other practical time saving features is still in beta but I'll be testing it to see if its features live up to their promise. Search results are based on your choice of Yahoo! or Google.

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