Tomorrow I will be on leave for 2 weeks. Tim is coming home this weekend and we have a lot of catching up to do. He contracted a golden staph. infection after undergoing knee replacement surgery and it's been an uphill battle for 6 weeks while he's been in hospital fighting the infection. He's not out of the woods yet and will probably have to continue on antibiotics for 2-3 years. Currently he receives them intravenously but eventually he hopes to be able to take them orally.

Mum will also be home next week. She has had a pacemaker installed and has taken some time to recover. She has spent the past 2 weeks in a beautiful nursing home where she's had a room flooded with sunlight and nurses ready to run round catering to her every whim. It will be hard for her to come back to reality!


CW said...

Hope all goes well!

Maeve Everest said...

Thanks for you concern. Everything appears to be back to normal again though there is a long, long road to recovery.